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I am normally a loyal fan & have a lot of patience for LKH in general. I have hung in there with Anita (& Merry) & when many fans started turning away calling the series "porn" - I still liked it, still defended it, was still very into the stories & the characters (bar a few).

This book crashed & burned the series IMO. It was a pathetic mess. I don't even know what this was. I think LKH's massive amount of hubris made her lose the plot.

This was an extension of LKH's narcissistic ego (she even dressed Anita in clothing that SHE herself has posed in. Look at her gallery on her website...although it's not the 1st time she's done this). It makes me wonder - has being married to a younger man done more harm than good b'c her blogs often talk about nothing but the great sex she is getting from him & clearly...CLEARLY she is projecting into her novels. This one more than ever.

God I don't even know where to begin w/this book it was such a mess. Not even a hot mess...just a plain old pathetic, tired, overused mess.

What she did in this book:

#1 - Anita's vagina has officially become the Macgyver of all vagina's.

It can DO anything.....Next up - Anita gains another power & cures cancer, AID's, smallpox, what have you - all while finally brokering peace between the Isreali's & Palestinian's. What does the President have to say about it?? "If anyone can do it. Anita can!"

Although IMO, her cooter more came across like a Venus Flycrotch. Once these men & women have a taste, there's no getting out..muuuah ha ha!!

No seriously - Um...she doesn't even have to raise the ardeur anymore to even roll people? All she has to do is have sex full stop? See what happens with Meph/Devil. See?? Venus Flycrotch. That shit is dangerous.

(Oh yeah, she does women now too but don't worry - she only kisses & grinds the gal while getting done from behind. Greedy girl still saves the pole for herself).

#2 - LKH officially relegates the fabulous character of Jean Claude to nothing more than a mere prop to help Anita deal with her faux (& I mean faux as in - cringe inducing it's so fake) angst.

I'm not surprised this has been a long time coming. LKH is in love with her were's (esp. b'c Nate & Micha seem to be an paper mosh up of her hubby) & as a result - JC wasn't in the last THREE books!

But what she did to him here?? Shocking. As my friend said - she turned him into a "pussy whipped fool"

It also seems she is letting him go b'c apparently she no longer minds sharing him w/other women or men.

#3 - before the book was released LKH banged on & on on her blog how she killed a character & it was soooo upsetting for her & we the reader will be "destroyed by it."


Haven?? Seriously? Haven? I have to laugh in LKH's face & spit out my water while doing it! She is so out of touch it's not funny.

I mean for God's sake - we never even saw Anita sleep with him! And not like there is any emotional resonance to any of her sex scenes anymore - but that only compounds the reason for zero emotional connection!

WTF Ms. Hamilton? WTF..??

#4 - Here's what's the funniest to me - she fishes in her work as to how people feel & see her via her characters.

Anita is like an emotional robot...."I don't understand why Haven would go for Nathaniel". And then JC has to lay it out in layman's terms & Richard has to bare his soul. It is a joke b'c it's on such a personal level for LKH.

LKH has NO sense of humor so she herself, doesn't "get" it...see things that other people would b'c they have a modicum of humility that a sense of humor affords a person.

Therefore, Anita doesn't have one either & we have this pathetic scene written in. This emotional fishing scene was more of LKH trying to justify her reasons for having Anita be a sex goddess who people can't help but get addicted to. It just so sad. LKH needs to separate herself & get a grip on her ego.

Wah, wah...LKH, seriously - if you need to be reassured by your characters b'c down deep you know that you are so insecure you're on the verge of a nervous breakdown - maybe you should rethink the younger man thing.

Like I said, it's a joke b'c it's so obviously personal. I'm actually embarrassed for her.

#5 - She creepily has a 5 year old show his attraction to Anita. Yuck. Ick. So f-ing gross. I really don't know the point of this bit of info.

#6 - She doesn't explain (at all) Anita's apparent new power being able to steal other vampire powers.

#7 - The Sex Scenes. Come people! They're just NOT hot. LKH thinks she is writing progressive, great sex.

For the 1st time I can say it was like actual bad, cheesy porn (I actually can't believe I am saying this)! What makes a sex scene hot & great is the emotional connection you have to the characters. You care about them so care about what's happening to them.

Tell me why I should care about Anita in an orgy/gang bang, getting it on w/characters I have never met before, in a room full of people who love her & are forced to watch her seduce stranger after stranger?

Or even better - partake with people they normally never would b'c they happen to be there when she unleashes the ardeur?

Honestly - it's cringe inducing b'c Anita comes across as used up. She comes across whoreish for power & just keeps using her sex to get more & more of it. It's just gross.

#8 - LKH & Anita's love of Nate. Ever since he came on the scene, Anita's boundaries have been seriously pushed... I mean pushed (Furry sex anyone)?

She can't see the forest for the trees, she is fool for his shit. He is completely passive aggressive in his need for her to be Dominant. She goes out of her mind & way for him to the detriment of other characters who are far more interesting.

Haven - was actually truly interesting to me. And in so many ways - he wanted to be equal with her. What does LKH do? Kill him for it b'c Anita can't have any dominates in her life. She is after all the Queen Bee.

So all these once great, complicated characters? JC, Richard, Haven, Auggie, Requiem, Wicked Truth, London (where is London BTW?).....

They have been made shadows of themselves. Tweaked to fit in & just accept whatever bullshit Anita throws at them. And if they don't? Watch out! That Macgyver punani may just smother them in their sleep.

Laurell K's time you got a grip & got over yourself. Do whatever it is you have to do to get clear, get a sense of humor & lighten up in order to gain some real perspective & be truly creative.

Lose the chip on your shoulder, it's doing nothing but hurting your creation & making her laughing stock. You can stop proving things to all the people in your life who told you, you were crap & your writing sucked. Your a success now & a pioneer - we got it.

Enough rebellion & making points just b'c you've gotten to the stage in your career where you can. You are abusing your success & laying your true talent to waste. Just write.

People aren't jealous of Anita b'c she doesn't have the right looks to fit in with the other mother's or b'c she has a harem of gorgeous have actually made her highly unlikable b'c she is so out of touch with the reality of things.

To put it straight - Anita is a total ass. Completely delusional, self-righteous, demanding, greedy, selfish, grumpy & just not cool at all. amount of "creamy goodness" is that appealing. Yuk.

Get a reality check finally so you can get the grip you so desperately need, then get a therapist in order to get clear so you can be the great storyteller we know you can be.

If not - put a once great series to bed.

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Ebook Bullet read Online! Laurell K. Hamilton is one of the leading writers of paranormal fiction. A #1 New York Times bestselling author, Hamilton writes the popular Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter novels and the Meredith Gentry series. She is also the creator of a bestselling comic book series based on her Anita Blake novels and published by Marvel Comics. Hamilton is a full-time writer and lives in the suburbs of St. Louis with her family.

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